Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
The Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture founded in 1930 is higher education establishment of the highest level accreditation of the Ukrainian education system. Since 1991 The Academy became the member of European and International Association of Universities, in 2007 it signed the Bologna Convention. Education process is carried out according to the multilevel system: Bachelor - Specialist - Master.
   The Academy consist of the Architectural Institute, the Construction Technological Institute, the Civil Engineering Institute, the Institute of Engineering and Ecological Systems and has such faculties as Building, Economics and Construction Management, the Design of Industrial and Housing Construction, Hydro-technical and Transport Construction, the Centre of Post - Diploma Education, the Centre of specialists training for foreign countries, the centre of Pre - Academic Education that train specialists in such specialties as Painting, the Economy of Business, Marketing, Management, Building, Architecture, Hydro - techniques (Water - Supply), Geodesy, Card - Graphics and Land Cadastre.
   585 teachers work at 43 departments, 87 from them are the professors and the Doctors of Science, 258 are Ph.D., the most part of them are elected Academics of branch Academies and are also Laureates of State International premiums, Honored Statesmen of Science and Techniques, workers of the Ukrainian Higher School. Nowadays more than 9000 students get education at the Academy.
   The Academy has powerful experimental base, close ties with modern building and many designing organizations. 10 branches of the departments of the Academy are created on the concerns of Odessa. The educational process and scientific research in priority scientific directions take place in specialized rooms, scientific and laboratory complexes equipped with modern means of studying. The library that offers more than 500 000 copies of books in special literature and fiction is to the students services.
   4 Departments of Branch Academies function on the base of our Academy. They are Building, Engineering and Architecture and International Academy of Computer Science and Systems. The Specialized Academic Councils in the defense of doctoral thesis and thesis for D.Ph. Degree in 7 specialties and in 5 specialties in the defense of doctoral thesis work in our Academy. The Academy realizes the International Cooperation with more than 20 Universities and Institutes of Europe and Asia and also such as the Scientific Research Ferro - Concrete Institute (Moscow, Russian), the Scientific Research Institute of Building Constructions (Moscow, Russia), the Technological University (Gdansk, Poland), the Chemical Technological and Metal - Operating University (Sophia, Bulgaria), the State university named after Vladimir (Russia), the University of Architecture, Building and Geodesy (Sophia, Bulgaria), the Architectural School (Morsel, France), etc.
   At the Academy great attention is paid to the students involvement into sport. Every year over 2000 students take an active part in sport competitions on different level. Among great successes of the latest years which are necessary to mention are such as:
- Taking the first prizes in the world Championship in Thai Box in Thailand.
- Taking champion titles on the Cup of athletics in Ukraine.
- The membership of the students of the Academy in the National Ukrainian Team in basketball, rugby, athletics. 
- The Combined teams in basketball and rugby become the champions of sports contest among higher educational establishment of Ukraine.
- 17 students are members of the youth and junior combined teams of Ukraine.
Today the Academy is one of the largest centres that train scientific and engineering specialists of the South of Ukraine in the field of Building.

The Specialties of the Academy:

- The Architecture of Building and Structures 
- The Design of Architectural Environment
- Painting , the Decorative and Applied Art
- Industrial and Housing Construction
- Hydro - technical Construction
- The Technology of Building Structures, Products and Materials
- Urban Construction and Economy
- Roads and Airports
- Heating and Ventilation
- Structures of Equipment of Water - Supply and Sewerage 
- Water - Supply and Sewerage
- Hydro - melioration
- The Economy of Enterprises
- Marketing
- Management of Organizations of the Land Use
- Cadastre

The Specializations

- The theory and history of architecture 
- Reconstruction and restoration of architectural structures
- The evaluation of the technical condition of buildings and structures, the methods of examination
- The examination and management of real estate
- The design of building contractions, buildings and structures
- The organization of the investing activity in construction
- The engineering protection of territories
- The computer technologies of hydro - technical structures design
- The technology of concrete and ferroconcrete constructions 
- The technology of progressive building materials 
- The technology of materials in architectural design 
- The marketing of materials
- The computer methods in material science 
- The reconstruction and principle of the city building 
- City transport and ways of joining
- The exploitation of roads and organization of traffic junction
- Reconstruction of roads and airports
- Heating, ventilation and air - conditioning
- The design of building and the exploitation of gas - supply systems
- The energy saving technologies in the systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
- The intensification and reconstruction of water - supply and sewerage systems
- Computer technologies of engineering networks of water-supply and sewerage systems 
- Exploitation, repairing and reconstruction of hydro-technical objects of water economy 
- Building Economy
- Real estate economy


   Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, established in 1930, is an effective member of the European Association of Universities and the International Association of Universities. The Academy has the highest level of accreditation and the license to train the foreign specialists ( AB № 443942 ).
   The Academy has been training the specialists for foreign countries since 1950. At present, there are more than 1600 engineers and architects - graduates of the Academy employed in 102 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Academy has trained more than 40 Doctors of Philosophy from all over the planet.
   The educational process is carried out in 7 training buildings. There are specialized laboratories, audiences equipped with computers. display classrooms, a sports complex with a stadium and a sports camp, 6 dormitories, student health center, a library with about one million volumes of books, a dining room, a sanatorium in the resort area, two sports gyms and many more.
   The academy trains foreign students at all specialties and at all departments and institutes of the Academy.
   At the end of 4th year of studies the students take a state exam and get Bachelor degree.
   After 6-year studies the students defend their thesis and get Master degree.
   The term of studies at all departments - 6 years.
   Each semester begins on 1 September, postgraduate training starts on 1 November, training at the preparatory department starts on 1 October. Be aware that you should arrive 10 days before the beginning of an academic year to do the paperwork for education and living on the territory of Ukraine.


   The Academy accepts the citizens of foreign countries who have an education that meets high school level in Ukraine. For postgraduate school foreign citizens with Master Degree (or Ukrainian equivalent) are accepted. Foreign citizens admission is based on intergovernmental agreements, foreign trade agreements, contracts between the Academy and foreign organizations, institutions and individuals.
   To arrive in Ukraine you must apply for Ukrainian visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine in your country. You can get the Ukrainian visa only when you receive the invitation from our Academy and the visa support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


Country (Citizenship)
Place of residence
Surname, first name (in English and Russian)
Passport number
Date of Birth


1. Birth certificate
2. Education Certificate (with a list of subjects studied and academic progress)
3. The passport, a copy of the passport
4. Medical health certificate
5. 6 photos (3 x 4)
6. A return ticket

All documents (original and certified copies must be legalized at the consulate of Ukraine in the country of residence)

Tuition for the academic year

Basic training: from $ 1500
Preparatory department: from $ 1100
Postgraduate training: from $ 2700
Accommodation: about $ 30 a month


Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
4 Didrihsona st., Odessa, 65029, Ukraine

Rector Kovrov Anatoliy Vladimirovich: +38 048 723 33 42

Training Center of Foreign Students
Dean Pischeva Tatyana : +38 048 723 09 51

Fax: +38 048 723 69 04
E-mail: [email protected]